To protect and improve healthy aquatic habitat in reservoir systems for the benefit of fish and wildlife and the enhancement of quality of life for people and their communities

Reservoir Fisheries:
Angling for New Opportunities

(Held March 16, 2009, in conjunction with the 74th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia)

The workshop addressed the significant, often vital roles served by reservoirs and reviewed reservoir benefits, problems and possibilities, both locally and nationally. Reservoir health issues were examined, from infrastructure to climate change. New sources of management funding and new collaborative partnerships were discussed. The workshop specifically called for a national reservoir fisheries partnership through the National Fish Habitat Initiative and seek to renew the Environmental Protection Agency’s Section 314, Clean Lakes Program.

The workshop cochairs were Don Gabelhouse, Fisheries Division Administrator, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Chris Horton, Conservation Director, ESPN/BASS.

View presentations from the workshop below:  

1:30 pm - Introductory comments, roles and social values of reservoirs - Don Gabelhouse, Fisheries Division Administrator, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

1:40 pm -The economic value of recreational fishing in reservoirs- Gordon Robertson, Vice President, American Sportfishing Association

2:00 pm -Balancing the native fish versus nonnative recreational fish speciesconundrum - Mike Stone, Fisheries Division Chief, Wyoming Game and Fish Department

2:20 pm - Status of the health and well-being of U.S. reservoirs - Larry Butler, Director of Parks and Recreation, Reston Association, Reston, VA

2:40 pm - Climate change is coming: Impacts on our water and our fisheries - Jim Martin, Conservation Director, Berkley Conservation Institute, Pure Fishing

3:00 pm - Break - Sponsored by Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

3:30 pm - Establishing a reservoir fisheries habitat partnership - Phil Durocher, Inland Fisheries Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

3:40 pm - Reservoir protection and improvement, Section 314 of the Clean Water Act - Mike McGhee, Lake Restoration Coordinator, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

4:00 pm - Expected benefits of investing more in Northeastern reservoir fishery management - Dr. Doug Austen, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

4:20 pm - Expected benefits of investing more in Southeastern reservoir fishery management - Benjy Kinman, Deputy Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

4:40 pm - Expected benefits of investing more in Midwestern reservoir fishery management - Terry Steinwand, Director, North Dakota Game and Fish Department

5:00 pm - Expected benefits of investing more in Western reservoir fishery management - Virgil Moore, Deputy Director, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

5:20 pm - Closing comments, next steps, discussion - Chris Horton, Conservation Director, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

5:30 pm - Adjourn

Additionally, a white paper by "G. Kaufman and M. S. Allen", "Potential Impacts of Global Climate Change on Warmwater Fisheries of the USA", was also discussed during the workshop and Dr. Allen has made the paper available for download here.

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Healthy reservoir systems meet many needs:

  • Habitat for aquatic and terrestrial life

  • Fishing for 20 million freshwater anglers

  • Primary recreation areas for boating, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities

  • Tourist destinations bringing economic benefit to nearby communities

  • Water supply for agriculture, industry, and municipal use

  • Power generation

  • Flood control

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