To protect and improve healthy aquatic habitat in reservoir systems for the benefit of fish and wildlife and the enhancement of quality of life for people and their communities

Outreach and Communications

The Outreach and Communications committee is charged with increasing the visibility of the RFHP, fostering public awareness and understanding of its purpose and goals, and expanding its partnership to include the full range of traditional and non-traditional interests critical to its success. Since the November 2008 meeting at the National Conservation Training Center, the committee has held two conference calls. Actions underway include: (1) development of a national contact list for expanding the partnership; (2) revision of the partnership brochure to reflect current status of the partnership; (3) preparation of a mass mailing of the updated brochure and an accompanying letter of request of support for and membership in the RFHP to all names on the contact list; and (4) development of a RFHP website .

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Healthy reservoir systems meet many needs:

  • Habitat for aquatic and terrestrial life

  • Fishing for 20 million freshwater anglers

  • Primary recreation areas for boating, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities

  • Tourist destinations bringing economic benefit to nearby communities

  • Water supply for agriculture, industry, and municipal use

  • Power generation

  • Flood control

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To join in this effort, contact:

Jeff Boxrucker, Coordinator
Reservoir Fisheries Habitat
9321 E. State Highway 9
Norman, OK 73026