To protect and improve healthy aquatic habitat in reservoir systems for the benefit of fish and wildlife and the enhancement of quality of life for people and their communities

 Regional Workgroups

The Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP) is broken-up into four (4) Regional Workgroups (i.e. Southeastern, Northeastern, Midwest, and Western). These Workgroups are the ‘workhorses’ of the partnership; they link the national organization to the on-the-ground projects supported by the partnership.

Regional Workgroups will

  • Participate in development and selection of projects;
  • Facilitate, monitor, and report project implementation;
  • Participate in identifying potential Friends of Reservoirs members;
  • Work with the Science and Data Committee and  Coordinator to develop a suite of Best Management Practices to address regional habitat impairments identified in the reservoir habitat impairment assessment.

Additionally, Regional Workgroups implement policies and strategic actions determined by the Executive Committee and support the Executive Committee in implementation of the strategic plan, national assessments and databases, and periodic performance reporting. Each Regional Workgroup works closely with the Coordinator to identify regional granting opportunities.


Workgroup Project Selection

Regional Workgroups will prioritize projects for submission to the Executive Committee for funding. Criteria used to prioritize projects have been established by the partnership through its Executive Committee in consultation with the Science and Data committee and Regional Workgroups.  

The Regional Workgroups will place a high priority on reservoir fish habitat projects that address impairments identified in the reservoir habitat impairment assessment . The Regional Workgroups will use reservoir classification and assessment data and reservoir system rankings provided by the RFHP Science and Data Committee to assist them in identifying and prioritizing key reservoir impairment issues and opportunities for fish habitat improvements within the reservoir, its watershed system, and the region in which it resides. Priority projects of each Regional Workgroup will be submitted to the RFHP Executive Committee for potential funding.

At any time, Regional Workgroups may collaborate with reservoir managers and local stakeholders to develop and fund opportunistic projects through non-partnership funds. Additionally, Regional Workgroups will promote and communicate RFHP strategic plan goals and objectives and meet the data needs established by the Executive Committee and those required by the NFHAP



Midwest Regional Working Group

Mike Mcghee,  Iowa Department of Natural Resources
email:  mike.mcghee@dnr.iowa.gov
phone: (515) 281-6281

Joseph D. Conroy, Ph.D., Ohio Department of Natural Resources
email: joseph.conroy@dnr.state.oh.us
phone: (740) 928-7034 x226

Andrew (Andy) Austin, Missouri Department of Conservation
email: andy.austin@mdc.mo.gov
phone: (417) 895-6881 ext. 260

Mark Porath, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
email: mark.porath@nebraska.gov
phone: (402) 471-5583
Ron Marteney, Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
email: ron.marteney@ksoutdoors.com
phone: (620) 342-0658

Southeast Regional Working Group

Colton Dennis, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
email: cdennis@agfc.state.ar.us
phone: (877) 525-8606

Brent Hess, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
email: brent.hess@dnr.state.ga.us
phone: (706) 845-4180

Rick Ott, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
email: Richard.Ott@tpwd.state.tx.us
phone: (903) 566-2161

Western Regional Working Group

Craig Walker, Utah Division of Wildlife
email: craigwalker@utah.gov
phone: (801) 538 7200

Mike Giusti, California Department of Fish & Game
email: mgiusti@dfg.ca.gov
phone: (951) 926-7561

Rebecca Krogman: California Department of Fish & Game
email: rkrogman@dfg.ca.gov

Pat Sollberger, Nevada Department of Wildlife
email: psollberger@ndow.org
phone: (775) 688-1535

Northeast Regional Working Group
Ben Page, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
email: bepage@pa.gov
phone: (814) 359-5162

National Fish Habitat Action Plan logo

Healthy reservoir systems meet many needs:

  • Habitat for aquatic and terrestrial life

  • Fishing for 20 million freshwater anglers

  • Primary recreation areas for boating, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities

  • Tourist destinations bringing economic benefit to nearby communities

  • Water supply for agriculture, industry, and municipal use

  • Power generation

  • Flood control

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To join in this effort, contact:

Jeff Boxrucker, Coordinator
Reservoir Fisheries Habitat
9321 E. State Highway 9
Norman, OK 73026