To protect and improve healthy aquatic habitat in reservoir systems for the benefit of fish and wildlife and the enhancement of quality of life for people and their communities

Priority Reservoir Habitat Restoration Projects


Deadline for Proposal Submission: August 15, 2015

The Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP) is pleased to request proposals for partial funding of reservoir fisheries habitat enhancement projects. The RFHP is a national partnership established to promote and facilitate the conservation of habitat for fish and other aquatic species in reservoir systems through collaborative actions that contribute to:

  •  The ecological health and function of reservoirs and their associated waters and watersheds
  • The restoration, protection and enhancement of fish and other aquatic species and communities, therein
  • The sustainability and enhancement of reservoir fisheries
  • Public awareness of the conservation issues and challenges facing reservoir and associated waters and watershed management in the 21st Century
  • The quality of life of the American people

Proposed projects can be focused on habitat issues in the reservoir proper and/or in watersheds above the reservoir and/or tailwaters below.

Eligible applicants include: state and federal governmental agencies; non-governmental organizations (e.g., sportsman’s groups, community associations, watershed user groups, cooperatives, civic groups), municipalities, universities, schools, state and tribal governments. Projects must be on public reservoirs. Projects on reservoirs with no or limited public access are not eligible. Proposals must include “on-the-ground” habitat restoration objectives. Research proposals are not acceptable.

Project Duration: Work conducted for the project is to be completed within 18-24 months of contract approval. Projects should be designed to begin in January 2014; however funding from RFHP is likely not going to be available until summer to early fall 2014. Actual project start date will be the date funding documents are signed.

Funding: Approximately $90,000 is available for projects. RFHP anticipates funding 5-6 projects @ $10,000-$20,000 each. Given the limited amount of funding available at this time, RFHP grants should be considered as a partial funding source for projects with multiple funding sources and partners. Grants must have a minimum of 1:1 non-federal contributions, which may be in cash, time, goods, or other services. All contributions (cash and/or in-kind) must be acquired during the project period. Special consideration will be given to projects with more than the minimum match. Eligible costs will be paid for work done no earlier than contract approval. Grant funds may NOT be used to support overhead, political advocacy, deficit reduction activities, projects that have already been completed, or for activities that constitute legally required mitigation for the adverse effects of an activity regulated or otherwise governed by state or Federal law. Salaries of full-time employees may be part of the grant request as long as they are for only time spent directly on planning, administration and/or “on the ground” work on the project. Applicants are urged to not make “salaries” a major part of the funding request. Applicants are strongly urged to discuss project ideas with the Coordinator prior to submitting proposals if questions about eligibility exist.

For questions relative to project development and submission contact: Jeff Boxrucker, Coordinator, Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership; 405-659-1797; jboxrucker@sbcglobal.net or visit the www.reservoirpartnership.org website.

Download the full Request for Proposals, including proposal requirements, evaluation criteria, required format, and information on the selection process

Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP)-Habitat Project Ranking Criteria

2009 Projects

2010 Projects

2011 Projects

  • Palestine - TX
  • Ft. Cobb - OK
  • Lovewell - KS
  • Havasu - AZ
  • Leaser - PA

2012 Projects

  • Hurley - IA
  • Fellsmere - FL
  • W. Scott Kerr - NC
  • Ouachita - AR
  • Smithville - MO
  • Arnold/Victoria Springs - NE
  • F. J. Sayers - PA
  • Roswell - NM

2013 Projects

  • City of Crescent - IA
  • Deep Creek Lake - MD
  • Mozingo Lake - MO
  • Elephant Butte Lake - NM
  • Structure Placement - TX
  • Willard Bay - UT


Project Endorsement

In the absence of funding or other resources, endorsement is an opportunity to gain support from the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership for your completed, current, or proposed project. See the "Guidelines" and "Application" for additional information:

  • Download the Project Endorsement Application

  • Download the Project Endorsement Application Guidelines for information on the project endorsement criteria

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Healthy reservoir systems meet many needs:

  • Habitat for aquatic and terrestrial life

  • Fishing for 20 million freshwater anglers

  • Primary recreation areas for boating, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities

  • Tourist destinations bringing economic benefit to nearby communities

  • Water supply for agriculture, industry, and municipal use

  • Power generation

  • Flood control

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To join in this effort, contact:

Jeff Boxrucker, Coordinator
Reservoir Fisheries Habitat
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