To protect and improve healthy aquatic habitat in reservoir systems for the benefit of fish and wildlife and the enhancement of quality of life for people and their communities

Partners in the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership include:

Partner organizations

American Fisheries Society, Fisheries Administration Section
American Sportfishing Association
Alabama Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Bass Pro Shops
BioSonics, Inc
Boomerang Tool Company
California Department of Fish and Game
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
FLW Outdoors
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Idaho Department of Fish & Game
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources
Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Maryland Department of Resources, Fisheries Service
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Missouri Department of Conservation
Moss Back Rack Company
National Park Service
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Nevada Department of Wildlife
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
North Dakota Game & Fish Department
Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Pure-Fishing, Berkley Conservation Institute
Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Department of the Army
U.S. Bureau of Land Management – Lake Havasu Fisheries Program
U.S. Department of Energy, Southwestern Power Administration
U.S. Geological Survey
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Virginia Department of Game and inland Fisheries
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Association
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Friends of Reservoirs

The Friends of Reservoirs national foundation and affiliated network of local chapters constitutes the primary support institution for the RFHP.  It provides the institutional means to include all stakeholders with interests in healthy reservoirs in the support, implementation, and governance of the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership (RFHP).  The Friends of Reservoirs provides multiple opportunities to stakeholders to participate in the RFHP and, in turn, provide support needed for the RFHP to meet address its mission.

The role of Friends of Reservoirs is four-fold:

  • Provide supporters options to participate in the operation of the RFHP and to influence its governance through interaction with the Executive Committee, staff, and Regional Workgroups on the setting of reservoir conservation priorities, selection of fish habitat conservation projects, and long-term partnership goals and objectives
  • Provide sustainable funding for RFHP operations and project implementation
  • Help develop volunteer corps to support project implementation
  • Facilitate delivery of outreach for public education, awareness, and service

National Fish Habitat Action Plan logo

Healthy reservoir systems meet many needs:

  • Habitat for aquatic and terrestrial life

  • Fishing for 20 million freshwater anglers

  • Primary recreation areas for boating, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities

  • Tourist destinations bringing economic benefit to nearby communities

  • Water supply for agriculture, industry, and municipal use

  • Power generation

  • Flood control

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To join in this effort, contact:

Jeff Boxrucker, Coordinator
Reservoir Fisheries Habitat
9321 E. State Highway 9
Norman, OK 73026